• No.537, Chuiyang Rd., West Dist., Chiayi City 600, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

        By BusChiayi Bus 1、2、7、8、Chuiyang Line Take bus on Chiayi Train Station to Mitsukoshi & Far Eastern station

        By TrainTake Train to Chiayi station, and walk straight down Ren'ai Rd. about 10 minutes to FEDS

        By High Speed RailwayTake High Speed Railway to Chiayi station. Then take BRT to Mitsukoshi & Far Eastern station and walk about 2 minutes to FEDS

        FEDS Chiayi Store Parking Lot

        • Parking Fee Discount

          Parking Fee Discount

          With every NTD$1,000 you spend at our store , you could receive half on hour free discount at the same day of your purchase. (Discount could be added up to 4 hours the most). Where to convert your discount : 1F Service Counter.

      • Food Court 食尚美學

        Gourmet/主題餐廳 美食小吃/主題餐廳
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      • Men's Fashion 都會休閒

        男性服饰 男性服飾
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      • Sportswear 青春運休

        户外休闲/潮流牛仔 戶外休閒/潮流&牛仔
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      • Celebrities & Kids 名媛童趣

        男女內著/女性服飾/婦嬰兒童/玩具益智 男女內著/女性服飾/婦嬰兒童/玩具益智
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      • Young Ladies Fashion 新潮流行

        女性服飾/鞋类包款/Accessories 女性服飾/鞋類包款/飾品配件
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      • International Boutiques 摩登新貴

        黃金珠寶/鞋类包款/Accessories/女性服飾/家用家電 黃金珠寶/鞋類包款/飾品配件/女性服飾/家用家電
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      • Beauty and Cosmetics 都會魅影

        女性服飾/SPA 香氛/轻食简餐/彩妝保養/Accessories 女性服飾/SPA 香氛/輕食簡餐/彩妝保養/飾品配件
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      • Life Style 優質生活

        家具家飾/家用家電/Digital 3C/运动健身/主題餐廳 家具家飾/家用家電/數位3C/運動健身/主題餐廳
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      • Service Counter
        Service Counter

        Service Counter

        • Information on News & & Event Consulting
        • Public Announcement
        • Lost & Found
        • Customer Service
        • Stroller Available
        • Tax Refund Service
        • Parking Validation Service
        • Receipt & Invoice Service
        • Gift Vouchers Selling
        • Safe ride on Taxi
      • Customers who are not a ROC resident could have their tax refunds.
        When they spend over 2,000 NTD shopping in our store.

        • Step1

          If you make purchases of more than NT$2,000 in a single day at the same FEDS store, our sales representatives will be happy to assist you in filling out the official “Shopping List” you need to apply for your sales tax rebate.

        • Step2

          Please bring your purchase list, ID (original), receipt and proof of purchase to the FEDS 6F Customer Service Center to apply for your sales tax refund on the day of purchase.

          Shoppers making same-store purchases less than NT$24,000 (including tax) can opt to have the foreign currency exchange center issue an “Application for Confirmation of a Small Sum VAT Refund at the Same Site” to immediately collect the sales tax rebate in NT Dollars in cash less our 14% processing fees..

          If same-store purchases exceed NT$24,000 (including tax), the foreign exchange center will issue an Application Form for Claiming VAT Refunds (see STEP 3).

        • Step3

          Please bring the “Application Form for Claiming VAT Refunds”, your original travel documents, receipts and purchased merchandise to one of the following locations to process your tax refund:

          Within 20 days before you depart the country, visit the designated Downtown Tax Refund Service Center in FEDS Place Mega City.

          The Refund will be given in cash in New Taiwan dollars, less our 14% processing fee and the applicable credit card pre-authorization charges (7% VAT included).

          When leaving the country and before checking your luggage, go to the tax refund center or the self-help e-Service machine at the airport (or port).

          You may choose to receive your refund in cash (NTD), by credit card or check, less our 14% processing fees and applicable charges for credit cards and checks.

        Please Note

        Acceptable forms of documentation: Non-ROC passport, ROC passport without national ID number, travel permit, entry and exit permit, and temporary visitor permit (required for refunds at ports and airports only).

        Purchases must remain unpacked and be taken with you when you depart the country no later than 90 days from the purchase date.

        Following the processing of your refund, items can only be returned or exchanged with the original receipt and proof of purchase. In addition, to ensure your tax refund rights during your stay in Taiwan, please present the relevant sales tax refund forms to the sales person.

        For more information, please visit:www.taxrefund.net.tw

      • currency-exchange

        Please present your Passport or Entry Permit at the Customer Service Center on 1F Service Center in the Mall for currency exchange.
        The exchange rate is subject to on-site bulletin, no service fee, and exchange from foreign currencies into New Taiwan Dollar only.
        The currencies type and each maximum for one person on the same day is listed below :

        Currency Maximum
        USD $2,000
    • Tourist Guide
      Tourist Guide
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